Oracle Solaris Trusted Extensions Label Administration

Default and Inverse Words

When a bit is defined as an initial compartment, the bit is set to 1 in every label that contains the classification. Any bit that is specified for an initial compartment can be defined later in the label_encodings file as a default word or an inverse word.

Example 3–3 Assigning Initial Compartments

In this example, the PUBLIC classification is assigned no initial compartments, while the WEB COMPANY classification is assigned initial compartments 4 and 5. A label that includes the PUBLIC classification has no default compartments. A label that includes the WEB COMPANY classification always has compartment bits 4 and 5 turned on.

name= PUBLIC;  sname= P;  value= 1;
name= WEB COMPANY;  sname= WEBCO;  value= 4; initial compartments= 4-5

The following section shows how these initial compartment bits can be assigned to words.

Example 3–4 Defining Default and Inverse SENSITIVITY LABELS Words

In this example, compartment bits 4 and 5 are assigned to the word DIVISION ONLY. Each compartment bit is also associated with an inverse word. WEBC AMERICA is assigned to the inverse compartment bit ~4. WEBC WORLD is assigned to the inverse compartment bit ~5. These assignments have the following results:



name= DIVISION ONLY;  sname= DO;       minclass= WEB COMPANY; compartments= 4-5;
name= WEBC AMERICA;   sname= WEBCA;    minclass= WEB COMPANY; compartments= ~4;
name= WEBC WORLD;     sname= WEBCW;    minclass= WEB COMPANY; compartments= ~5;