Oracle Solaris Trusted Extensions Label Administration

Encoding the Classifications

The following example shows the SecCompany classifications and values from Table 6–2, Table 6–3 and Table 6–4 added to the CLASSIFICATIONS section.

Example 6–4 SecCompany CLASSIFICATIONS Section


name= PUBLIC; sname= PUBLIC; value= 1;
name= INTERNAL_USE_ONLY; sname= INTERNAL; aname= INTERNAL; value= 4;
name= NEED_TO_KNOW; sname= NEED_TO_KNOW; aname= NEED_TO_KNOW; value= 5;
name= REGISTERED; sname= REGISTERED; aname= REGISTERED; value= 6;

Note –

A classification cannot contain the slash (/), or comma (,) character. The classifications are specified from the lowest value to the highest.