Java Desktop System Release 3 Troubleshooting Guide

3.2 Chinese Locales

3.2.1 Characters Print With a Box


  • Solaris OS for SPARC systems

  • Solaris OS for x86 systems


Change request number: 4977300 

Affects the following locales: 

  • Chinese locales

  • Korean locales

The postscript printer does not bundle Chinese or Korean fonts, consequently characters printed out from Mozilla are printed in a box. CUPS needs to convert the Mozilla postscript fonts before the file can be printed.


  1. Choose Launch -> Preferences -> Printers.

  2. Right-click the PostScript printer icon, then select the Properties menu.

  3. Open the Advanced tab.

  4. Set the Ghostscript pre-filtering to Convert to PS level 1.

3.2.2 YaST2 Main Window Is Not Localized


  • Linux


Change Request Number: 6234759 

Affects the following locales: 

  • zh_HK

  • ko_KR

The main window of the YaST2 application is not localized in the zh_HK locale and partically localized in the ko_KR locale.


ChooseLaunch ->Preferences ->Wireless Network Configuration or Launch ->Preferences ->System Preferencesto run theYaST2 application.