Java Desktop System Email and Calendar User Guide

Working Offline

If you receive your messages from an IMAP server, you can work in offline mode. You can work in offline mode to reduce the amount of time that you spend online.

When you switch to offline mode, Email and Calendar creates a local copy of folders that you have selected for offline use. You can read and respond to the messages in the folders in offline mode. When you send a message, Email and Calendar stores the message in your Outbox folder until you switch to online mode again.

Offline mode is not the same as being disconnected. Email and Calendar does not attempt to connect when you work offline. Instead, Email and Calendar completes all actions that you performed offline when you return to online mode.

To specify which folders to create copies of when you are in offline mode, see Setting Folders Preferences.

To switch to offline mode, choose File -> Work Offline. Alternatively, click on the connected cables icon at the bottom left of the Email and Calendar window. A cross appears through the connected cables icon.

To switch to online mode, choose File -> Work Online. Alternatively, click on the connected cables icon. The cross disappears from the connected cables icon.