Java Desktop System Email and Calendar User Guide

To Post a Message to a Folder

You can post a message to a folder. Email and Calendar sends the message to users who have subscribed to the folder, and stores a copy of the message in the folder.

To compose and post a new message to a folder, perform the following steps:

  1. Choose File -> New -> Post Message. Alternatively, choose Actions -> Post New Message. A Compose a message window is displayed.

  2. Use the Compose a message window to compose your message. For information about the elements in the Compose a message window, see To Send a Message.

  3. To select a folder to which to post the message, click on the folder selector button in the Post To field. A Posting destination dialog is displayed. Select the folder in which to store your post messages from the Posting destination dialog, then click OK.

  4. To post the message to the selected folder, choose File -> Send.