Java Desktop System Email and Calendar User Guide

Functional Differences Between Exchange Folders and Local Folders

When you work with Exchange from Email and Calendar, some functions work differently, particularly with regard to Exchange folders and local folders. The following table summarizes the functional differences:


Exchange Folders 

Local Folders 

Save an appointment or a contact from an email message 

Item is saved in the appropriate Exchange folder.

Item is not saved in local folder. 

Synchronize a personal digital assistant (PDA) with Email and Calendar

Items are synchronized with Exchange folders.

Items are not synchronized with local folders. 

Reminders for appointments and meetings 

Reminders do not function until you start Email and Calendar.

You do not need to start Email and Calendar for the reminder to function.

Note –

When you log in to your Exchange account, then click on the GAL, no contacts are displayed in the GAL. This reduces the workload of the global catalog server. To view contacts in the GAL, perform a search. For more information about how to search for contacts, see Searching Your Contacts.