Java Desktop System Email and Calendar User Guide

Alarm Options Dialog

Use the Alarm Options dialog to specify additional options for an alarm. The following table describes the elements in the Alarm Options dialog:



Repeat the alarm

Select this option to show the alarm more than once. 

extra times

Use this spin box to specify the number of times to repeat the alarm. 


Use this spin box to specify the number of time units between each repeated alarm. 


Select one of the following time-unit types from the drop-down list:

  • minutes

  • hours

  • days

text box 

The title of the text box depends on the alarm type, as follows:

  • Display a Message:

    Type the message text in the Message to Display text box.

  • Play a Sound:

    Enter the name of the sound file in the Play sound drop-down combination box.

    Alternatively, click Browse to display a Select file dialog. Use the dialog to specify the sound file that you want to use.

  • Run a Program:

    Type the program name in the Run program text box. Type the program arguments in the With these arguments text box.

  • Send an Email:

    Type the email addresses to which you want to send the email reminder, in the text box beside the Send To button. If you want to send the reminder to more than one address, separate the addresses with a comma. Alternatively, click on the Send To button. Use the Select Contacts from Addressbook dialog to select addresses.

    Type the message text in the Message to Send text box.

    Note –

    The Alarm Repeat functionality is not supported in this release.