Java Desktop System Email and Calendar User Guide

Identity Details

Use the Identity tabbed section to specify identity details for a mail account. For information about the elements in the Identity tabbed section, see Configuring Account Management Settings and Entering Your Identity Information. Table 12–2 lists the identity details that you can specify that are not described in those sections.

Table 12–2 Mail Account Identity Preferences

Dialog Element 


Default signature

Select a signature to use as your default signature from the drop-down list. The signature that you select is added to all your messages. 

Add new signature

Click on this button to add a signature to the list of signatures.  

To add a signature to the list of signatures, perform the following steps: 

  • Click on the Add button to display the Edit signature dialog.

  • Type a name for the signature in the Name text box.

  • Type the signature in the content area of the dialog. For information about how to format the signature, see Composing Messages.

  • Choose File -> Save and Close to save the signature and close the dialog.