Java Desktop System Email and Calendar User Guide

Summary Mail Preferences

Use the Mail tabbed section to specify which mail folders to display in the Summary. Table 12–15 lists the mail folder preferences that you can configure for the Summary.

Table 12–15 Summary Mail Folder Preferences

Dialog Element 


Mail folder tree 

Use the mail folder tree to select the folders that you want to display in your summary. Click on the plus sign (+) beside a folder to expand the contents of the folder. To collapse the contents of a folder, click on the minus sign (-) beside the folder.  

To select a folder to display in your summary, click on the check box to the left of the folder to display a check mark in the box. To deselect a folder, click on the check box again to remove the check mark. 

Show full path for folders

Select this option to display the full path to the folders that are displayed in your summary.