Java Desktop System Email and Calendar User Guide

Configuring How to Send Email

Enter your sending email configuration information in the Sending Email page in the Setup Assistant. Email and Calendar can send email in several ways. Select the type of server that you want to use to send email from the Server Type drop-down list. Select one of the following options:

When you select an option from the Server Type drop-down list, more dialog elements are displayed in the Sending Email page. Depending on the option that you select, different elements are displayed in the page. Table 2–4 lists the sending email settings that you can configure.

When you complete the configuration information for sending email, click on the Forward button.

Table 2–4 Sending Email Settings




Enter the DNS name or the IP address of the mail server in this field. 

SMTP option only.

Server requires authentication

Select this option if the server requires you to authenticate when you log in to send email. 

SMTP option only.

Authentication Type

Select a type of authentication to use for the account. 

SMTP option only.

Check for supported types

Click on this button to check what types of authentication the server supports. The types of authentication that the server supports are added to the Authentication Type drop-down list.

SMTP option only.


Enter your username for your account on the mail server in this field. 

SMTP option only.

Remember this password

Select this option if you want to connect directly to the mail server, rather than enter your password each time you connect. 

SMTP option only.