Java Desktop System Email and Calendar User Guide

Using the Setup Assistant

When you start Email and Calendar for the first time, the Setup Assistant guides you through the initial configuration process for Email and Calendar. In the initial configuration process, you do the following:

The Setup Assistant displays pages where you enter the configuration information. The first page displays a welcome message. To begin the initial configuration process for Email and Calendar, click on the Forward button on the Welcome page.

The Setup Assistant window contains the following buttons:


When you have entered the required information in the page and you are ready to continue to the next page in the configuration process, click on the Forward button.


If you want to return to the previous page, click on the Back button.


To stop the Email and Calendar configuration process and close the Setup Assistant, click on the Cancel button .

The following sections describe the information that you need to enter in the Setup Assistant. If you are unsure what information to enter, contact your system administrator.