Java Desktop System Email and Calendar User Guide


Email and Calendar can import email and contact data in the following formats:

mbox format

Email and Calendar, Netscape Version 4.7x, Mozilla, Eudora, Pine, and Elm use this email format.

.mbx format

Microsoft Outlook Express 4 uses this email format.

Vcard format

GnomeCard, other GNOME applications, KDE, and other contact management applications use this format for contact information. Typically, files in this format have .vcf or .gcrd file extensions.

To import data, choose File -> Import from the Email and Calendar window. The Import Assistant guides you through the process to import data to Email and Calendar.

If Email and Calendar finds email or contact data from the listed applications on your system, the Import Assistant displays an Importing Files page. The Importing Files page displays a list of the applications for which Email and Calendar has found email or contact data.

If Email and Calendar finds email data for an application, a mail check box is displayed under the application.

If Email and Calendar finds contact data for an application, an address book check box is displayed under the application.

To import data, select the check boxes for the data that you want to import, then click on the Import button.

When you complete the import, click on the Forward button.