Java Desktop System Email and Calendar User Guide

Deleting Messages

When you delete a message, the following events occur:

If you need to retrieve a message from Trash, you can undelete the message. When you undelete a message, the message is restored to the folder from which you deleted the message.

You can expunge a folder to remove permanently from the folder the messages that you deleted.

You can empty your Trash folder to delete the contents of Trash permanently. That is, when you empty Trash, you expunge all your folders.

To Delete a Message

Select the message that you want to delete in the message list, then choose Edit -> Delete.

To Undelete a Message

Select the message that you want to undelete in the Trash folder, then choose Edit -> Undelete.

To Expunge a Folder

To delete permanently the messages from a folder, open the folder, then choose Actions -> Expunge.

To Empty Trash

Choose Actions -> Empty Trash.