Java Desktop System Email and Calendar User Guide

Using the Personal Calendar Folder

A calendar that is stored on a Java System Calendar Server functions in a similar way to a calendar stored locally, as described in Chapter 6, Using Calendar. There are some differences, as described in this section:

Free or Busy Information and the Directory Server

You can publish the free or busy information for an account, so that other users on the network can consult the schedule for that account when they want to organize a meeting.

To take advantage of free or busy information, and other Calendar Server features, use the Sun Java System Directory Server where possible. Alternatively, copy cards from the directory server to your local address book. Contact cards that come from the server have a special attribute that identifies that they have calendars on a Calendar Server. Cards that you create might appear identical to cards from the server. However, cards that you create function by email address only, and are not identified and integrated into the Calendar Server system.