Java Desktop System Email and Calendar User Guide

Using the Personal Invitations Folder

When someone else creates a meeting in their Calendar Server calendar and lists you as a participant, a new invitation appears in your Personal Invitations folder. Invitation folders are structured as follows: the top half of the folder displays a list of invitations, and the bottom half of the folder displays details about the selected item.

The invitations are listed in table format. The following table describes the columns in the invitations table:




Indicates when the meeting is scheduled to start. 


Provides a short description of the meeting. 


Specifies the organizer of the meeting. 


Indicates the current status of the meeting invitation. If the invitation is new, the status is Needs Action. To respond to the invitation, click on the field under the Status column header, to activate a drop-down list. Select one of the following status values from the drop-down list:

  • Accepted

  • Declined

  • Tentative

This status is displayed until the server synchronizes, which can take up to one minute. At that point, the invitation disappears from your Personal Invitations folder. If you accept the invitation, the event appears in your calendar.

For information about how to change the current view, save the current view, or create custom views, see Using Views.