Java Desktop System Email and Calendar User Guide

Introduction to Tasks

You can use Tasks to create a task, view existing tasks, sort the task list, or change the status of a task.

Figure 7–1 shows a typical Tasks window.

Figure 7–1 Typical Tasks Window

 Typical Tasks window. No callouts.

In the Tasks window, your tasks are organized as a table. The rows of the table display information about your tasks. The columns represent information fields for your tasks, such as the completed status of the task, the summary of the task, and so on. From left to right, the Tasks window displays the following columns by default:

For information about how to change the current view, save the current view, or create custom views, see Using Views.

Tasks are displayed in different formats in the Tasks window, depending on the status of the task. The following table lists and describes the task formats:




Task is not started or is in progress. 


Task is currently selected. 


Task is completed. 


Task is overdue or is due today.