Java Desktop System Release 3 Accessibility Release Notes

Chapter 1 Accessibility Release Notes

These release notes provide accessibility information for the following releases of the Java Desktop System:

1.1 Accessibility Features

The Java Desktop System includes the following accessibility features:



Accessible login 

The Java Desktop System includes an Accessible Login feature. The Accessible Login feature enables you to:  

  • Log in to the desktop even if you cannot easily use the screen, mouse, or keyboard in the usual way.

  • Launch assistive technologies at login time by using special gestures from the standard keyboard, or from a keyboard, pointing device, or switch device that is attached to the USB or PS/2 mouse port.

  • Change the visual appearance of the login dialog before you log in, for example, you might want to use a high contrast theme for better visibility.

For information about configuring your system for accessible login, see the Java Desktop System Release 3 Accessibility Guide.

Keyboard Accessibility preference tool

This preference tool, also known as AccessX, enables you to configure the keyboard accessibility options such as mouse keys, slow keys, bounce keys, sticky keys, toggle keys, and repeat keys. 

Assistive technologies 

The Java Desktop System contains the following applications to enable users with a physical disability to use the desktop: 

  • On-Screen Keyboard

  • Screen Reader and Magnifier

For more information about these applications, see the online Help for On-Screen Keyboard and Screen Reader and Magnifier.

Keyboard navigation 

Users who have difficulty using a mouse or other pointing device can navigate and use the desktop from the keyboard. For more information about keyboard navigation, see the Java Desktop System Release 3 Accessibility Guide.

Accessible themes 

There are several themes available that suit different accessibility needs. For more information about themes, see the Java Desktop System Release 3 Accessibility Guide.

1.2 Support for Sun Ray Systems

The Java Desktop System Release 3 currently provides minimal accessibility support for Sun RayTM systems. The following accessibility features do not work on Sun Ray systems:

1.3 Where To Find Documentation

You can view PDF and HTML versions of the documentation for the Java Desktop System in the following locations: