Solaris 10 Installation Guide for IBM BladeCenter Servers

6339315: Bad Compiler Induces IBM BladeCenter HS20 Resets

Description: Spontaneous resets occur when the JDS is entered on IBM BladeCenter servers that are equipped with RADEON VE/7000 (an R100-based GPU), Intel Xeon processors, and the Solaris 10 1/06 OS installed. The reset occurs immediately after the GNOME splash screen disappears, and the desktop is painted. The cursor changes to a watch, the system freezes for approximately 10 seconds, and BIOS POST is displayed, indicating a system reset has occurred.

Workaround: Download and apply the latest revision of patch 118966 or install at least the Solaris 10 6/06 OS.

Note –

The installation of patch 118966 introduces the problem that is described in 6396086: Absolute Mouse Type Event Not Delivered to Xorg Server Startup During Hot-Plug of Mouse.