Oracle Solaris ZFS Administration Guide

General ZFS Storage Pool Requirements

The following sections describe ZFS root pool space and configuration requirements.

Disk Space Requirements for ZFS Storage Pools

The required minimum amount of available pool space for a ZFS root file system is larger than for a UFS root file system because swap and dump devices must be separate devices in a ZFS root environment. By default, swap and dump devices are the same device in a UFS root file system.

When a system is installed or upgraded with a ZFS root file system, the size of the swap area and the dump device are dependent upon the amount of physical memory. The minimum amount of available pool space for a bootable ZFS root file system depends upon the amount of physical memory, the disk space available, and the number of boot environments (BEs) to be created.

Review the following disk space requirements for ZFS storage pools:

ZFS Storage Pool Configuration Requirements

Review the following ZFS storage pool configuration requirements: