Oracle Solaris ZFS Administration Guide

recordsize Property

The recordsize property specifies a suggested block size for files in the file system.

This property is designed solely for use with database workloads that access files in fixed-size records. ZFS automatically adjust block sizes according to internal algorithms optimized for typical access patterns. For databases that create very large files but access the files in small random chunks, these algorithms might be suboptimal. Specifying a recordsize value greater than or equal to the record size of the database can result in significant performance gains. Use of this property for general purpose file systems is strongly discouraged and might adversely affect performance. The size specified must be a power of 2 greater than or equal to 512 bytes and less than or equal to 128 KB. Changing the file system's recordsize value only affects files created afterward. Existing files are unaffected.

The property abbreviation is recsize.