Oracle Solaris ZFS Administration Guide

ZFS Is Integrated With Fault Manager

Solaris 10 6/06 Release: This release includes a ZFS diagnostic engine that is capable of diagnosing and reporting pool failures and device failures. Checksum, I/O, device, and pool errors associated with pool or device failures are also reported.

The diagnostic engine does not include predictive analysis of checksum and I/O errors, nor does it include proactive actions based on fault analysis.

If a ZFS failure occurs, you might see a message similar to the following:

SUNW-MSG-ID: ZFS-8000-D3, TYPE: Fault, VER: 1, SEVERITY: Major
EVENT-TIME: Wed Jun 30 14:53:39 MDT 2010
PLATFORM: SUNW,Sun-Fire-880, CSN: -, HOSTNAME: neo
SOURCE: zfs-diagnosis, REV: 1.0
EVENT-ID: 504a1188-b270-4ab0-af4e-8a77680576b8
DESC: A ZFS device failed.  Refer to for more information.
AUTO-RESPONSE: No automated response will occur.
IMPACT: Fault tolerance of the pool may be compromised.
REC-ACTION: Run 'zpool status -x' and replace the bad device.

By reviewing the recommended action, which is to follow the more specific directions in the zpool status command, you can quickly identify and resolve the failure.

For an example of recovering from a reported ZFS problem, see Resolving a Missing Device.