Oracle Solaris ZFS Administration Guide

ProcedureHow to Boot ZFS From Alternate Media

If a problem prevents the system from booting successfully or some other severe problem occurs, you will need to boot from a network install server or from a Solaris installation CD, import the root pool, mount the ZFS BE, and attempt to resolve the issue.

  1. Boot from an installation CD or from the network.

    • SPARC:

      ok boot cdrom -s 
      ok boot net -s

      If you don't use the -s option, you will need to exit the installation program.

    • x86: Select the network boot or boot from local CD option.

  2. Import the root pool and specify an alternate mount point. For example:

    # zpool import -R /a rpool
  3. Mount the ZFS BE. For example:

    # zfs mount rpool/ROOT/zfsBE
  4. Access the ZFS BE contents from the /a directory.

    # cd /a
  5. Reboot the system.

    # init 6