DTrace User Guide

Anonymous Enablings

To create an anonymous enabling, use the -A option with a dtrace command invocation that specifies the desired probes, predicates, actions and options. The dtrace command adds a series of driver properties that represent your request to the configuration file for the dtrace(7D) driver. The configuration file is typically /kernel/drv/dtrace.conf. The dtrace driver reads these properties when the driver is loaded. The driver enables the specified probes with the specified actions and creates an anonymous state to associate with the new enabling. The dtrace driver is normally loaded on demand, along with any drivers that act as dtrace providers. To allow tracing during boot, the dtrace driver must be loaded as early as possible. The dtrace command adds the necessary forceload statements to /etc/system (see system(4) for each required dtrace provider and for the dtrace driver.

When the system boots, the dtrace driver sends a message indicating that the configuration file has been successfully processed. An anonymous enabling can set any of the options that are available during normal use of the dtrace command.

To remove an anonymous enabling, specify the -A option to the dtrace command without any probe descriptions.