Solaris 10 11/06 Installation Guide: Solaris Live Upgrade and Upgrade Planning

To Install Required Patches


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Caution – Caution –

Correct operation of Solaris Live Upgrade requires that a limited set of patch revisions be installed for a particular OS version. Before installing or running Solaris Live Upgrade, you are required to install these patches.

x86 only –

Starting with the Solaris 10 1/06 release, if this set of patches is not installed, Solaris Live Upgrade fails and you might see the following error message. If you don't see the following error message, necessary patches still might not be installed. Always verify that all patches listed on the SunSolve info doc have been installed before attempting to install Solaris Live Upgrade.

ERROR: Cannot find or is not 
executable: </sbin/biosdev>.
ERROR: One or more patches required by 
Live Upgrade has not been installed.

The patches listed in info doc 72099 are subject to change at any time. These patches potentially fix defects in Solaris Live Upgrade, as well as fix defects in components that Solaris Live Upgrade depends on. If you experience any difficulties with Solaris Live Upgrade, please check and make sure that you have the latest Solaris Live Upgrade patches installed. 

Ensure that you have the most recently updated patch list by consulting Search for the info doc 72099 on the SunSolve web site.

If you are running the Solaris 8 or Solaris 9 OS, you might not be able to run the Solaris Live Upgrade installer. These releases do not contain the set of patches needed to run the Java 2 runtime environment. You must have the recommended patch cluster for the Java 2 runtime environment that is recommended to run the Solaris Live Upgrade installer and install the packages. 

To install the Solaris Live Upgrade packages, use the pkgadd command. Or install, for the Java 2 runtime environment, the recommended patch cluster. The patch cluster is available at

Follow these steps to install the required patches.

From the SunSolve web site, obtain the list of patches.

# patchadd /net/server/export/patches
# init 6