System Administration Guide: Printing

Turning On IPP Authentication Mechanisms

To authenticate, use the accept command as follows:

$ accept ipp://server/admin/queue

For example, to authenticate the print queue masterly on the server noreaster type:

$ accept ipp://noreaster/admin/masterly

You are prompted for authentication.

Enter the proper authentication information to enable the operation to be processed for the uri path.

For example:

system% accept ipp://printing/printers/wspe
accept: ipp://printing/printers/wspe: operation-not-supported
system% accept ipp://printing/admin/wspe
passphrase for user-name to access ipp://printing/admin/wspe:
accept: ipp://printing/admin/wspe: not-authorized

Note –

The following command fails under the default configuration for IPP, because the operation is not enabled for that uri path:

$ accept ipp://server/printers/queue