System Administration Guide: Printing

Configuration of IPP Server-Side Data

The IPP listening service configuration file, /etc/apache/httpd-standalone-ipp.conf, is like any normal Apache 1.3 configuration file. The configuration files takes any Apache 1.3 configuration directives that you want to use.

The default configuration includes the following features:

The default operations that are enabled for /printers/ is limited to a set of operations that poses less of a security risk. However, all operations are enabled at the /admin/path (ipp://server/admin/), with basic authentication required.

The mod_ipp Apache configuration options to choose from are described in the following table:

Table A–2 mod_ipp Apache Module Configuration Options:




Selects level of protocol checking. The default is automatic, which provides maximal client interaction.


Enables you to selectively enable or disable IPP operation support for one more IPP operations. 


Selects the user name to use when contacting the local print service. The default is the lp print user, which enables more functional proxying.


Selects the default print service to direct requests to. The default is the lpsched daemon and currently only has been tested against lpsched.

The following table shows the conformance checking types for the Apache Web Server Configuration. The syntax to use is:

ipp-conformance value
Table A–3 Apache Web Server Conformance Checking Types




Only check that the requested operation is supported by the protocol listener. (default) 


Check that the request conforms to IPP/1.0. 


Check that the request conforms to IPP/1.1. 

The following is an annotated example of an apache configuration file:

if mod_ipp is loaded User lp run as "lp"
URI: ipp://{host]/printers/{queue}
SetHandler application/ipp use mod_ipp for this location
ipp-conformance strict enable strict protocol checking (default)
ipp-operation all enable enable all supported operations