System Administration Guide: Printing

ProcedureHow to Cascade Print Requests by Using the RFC-1179 Protocol

The RFC-1179 protocol listener is represented by the FMRI, svc:/application/print/rfc1179 (in.lpd). By default, this FMRI is dependent on the print scheduler service, svc:/application/print/server, and will only run if the host is running the print scheduler service.

Normally, the RFC-1179 listener is not needed when the print scheduler is not running. However, if the host is used to cascade print requests, the dependency on the print scheduler service should be removed.

  1. Become superuser or assume an equivalent role.

    Roles contain authorizations and privileged commands. For more information about roles, see Configuring RBAC (Task Map) in System Administration Guide: Security Services.

  2. Remove the dependency on the print scheduler service.

    # cat <<EOF | svccfg
    >			select application/print/rfc1179
    >			delpg lpsched
    >			end
    >			EOF
  3. After you have removed the dependency, run the following command for the changes to take effect immediately:

    # svcadm refresh application/print/rfc1179