System Administration Guide: Printing

ProcedureHow to Modify Remote Print Requests When Using IPP

You can use the lp command to perform a variety of tasks when using IPP. For more information about using the lp command, see the lp(1) man page.

  1. Use the lp command with the appropriate command options to modify remote print jobs.

    $ lp [-d] [-H] [-i] [-n] [-o]

    Specifies the destination for the print request.


    Specifies special-handling. Prints the request according to the value of the special-handling.


    Specifies the request ID.


    Specifies number of copies. Specify this option as a digit. The default for number is 1.


    Specifies printer dependent options.

Example 9–4 Submitting Previously Held Print Requests

This example shows how to submit previously held print requests for the printer lucille.

$ lp -d lucille -H hold /etc/motd

Example 9–5 Changing the Number of Copies Requested

This example shows how to change the number of copies requested for the request ID lucille-233.

$ lp -i lucille-233 -n 5

Example 9–6 Turning on and Releasing the Duplex Feature

This example shows how to turn on and release the duplex feature for a specified request ID.

$ lp -i lucille-233 -o Duplex=DuplexNoTumble -H resume