System Administration Guide: Printing

Locating Information About Parallel and USB-Connected Print Devices

Information about parallel and USB-connected printers is located in the /dev/printers directory.

To query printers for IEEE1284 device identification information, type:

# /usr/lib/lp/bin/printer-info -a /dev/printers/*

For example:

# /usr/lib/lp/bin/printer-info -a /dev/printers/*
         Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard
         Model:        hp color LaserJet 4650
         Description:  Hewlett-Packard color LaserJet 4650
         Class:        PRINTER
         Command set:
                 cmd[0]: PJL
                 cmd[1]: MLC
                 cmd[2]: BIDI-ECP
                 cmd[3]: PCLXL
                 cmd[4]: PCL
                 cmd[5]: PDF
                 cmd[6]: PJL
                 cmd[7]: MIME
                 cmd[8]: POSTSCRIPT

Note that when you add a device with Solaris Print Manager, the same program is used to detect and provide information about the printer make and model in the Add Attached Printer dialog box. See printmgr(1M) for more information.