System Administration Guide: Printing

Managing the ppd-cache-update Service

The Service Management Facility (SMF) service for updating the PPD cache file, application/print/ppd-cache-update, is run once during system reboot to ensure that modifications made to any PPD file repositories on a system are reflected in the ppdcache file. The service instance is svc:/application/print/ppd-cache-update. This service is enabled by default when you install the Oracle Solaris software. To enable or disable the service, use the svcadm command.

Note –

During a software installation or an upgrade, the cache file entries are generated for all PPD files that are delivered to the system repository, /var/lp/ppd. As a result, when the system reboots, it might take longer for the service to make the transition to an online state.

For instructions, see How to Enable or Disable the ppd-cache-update Service. For information about using SMF and the svcadm command, see the smf(5) and svcadm(1M) man pages.