System Administration Guide: Printing

Setting Up Printers by Using LP Print Commands (Task Map)



For Instructions 

Add a new directly attached printer by using LP print commands. 

Use LP print service commands to make the printer available for printing after you physically attach the printer to a system.  

How to Add a New Directly Attached Printer by Using LP Print Commands

Use the lpadmin command to add a printer queue with localhost specified as the host name.

Use the lpadmin command with the -s option to specify localhost as the host name when setting up a local print queue. This modification was added to enable print servers to maintain the same print host name, localhost, independent of the machine host name.

How to Add a Print Queue With localhost Specified as the Host Name (LP Print Commands)

Add a new network-attached printer by using LP print service commands. 

Use LP print commands add a new network-attached printer. 

How to Add a New Network-Attached Printer by Using LP Print Commands

Add a remote print queue for a printer that is connected to a Oracle Solaris print server by using IPP. 

To add access to a remote print queue by using IPP, there are two methods that you can do one of the following:

  • Use the lpadmin command.

  • Use the lpset command.

How to Set Up a Remote Printer That is Connected to a Print Server by Using IPP

Add a new network-attached printer by using the printer vendor-supplied software. 

Use Printer vendor supplied tools to configure a network-attached printer after you physically connect the printer to the network. 

How to Add a Attached Network Printer by Using Printer Vendor-Supplied Tools