System Administration Guide: Printing

PPD File Caches

Private PPD file caches are maintained in the /var/lp/ppd/caches/ directory, one for each label within each repository.

The format of the cache file name that is used follows:

PPD-repository: label

The information about PPD files that is in the PPD cache files is maintained by using the ppdmgr utility. Do not edit the PPD cache files manually. Note that the cache files in the /var/lp/ppd/caches directory are used to generate the private PPD cache file, /var/lp/ppd/ppdcache. This file is used by the printmgr utility. For more information, see the printmgr(1M) man page.

Note –

The location of the ppdcache and it's contents is private. Do not build software that relies on this file being in its current location or on the data being in its current format. This information applies to any private files that are generated or delivered for use by the ppdmgr utility.