System Administration Guide: Printing

ProcedureHow to Set Printer Fault Recovery by Using LP Print Commands

  1. Log in as superuser, lp, or assume an equivalent role on the print server.

  2. Set up fault recovery for the printer.

    # lpadmin -p printer-name -F recovery-options
    -p printer-name

    Specifies the name of the printer for which you are specifying fault recovery.

    -F recovery-options

    Specifies one of the three valid recovery options: beginning, continue, or wait.

    For more information, see the lpadmin(1M) man page.

  3. Verify that printer fault recovery has been set up properly.

    # lpstat -p printer-name -l

Example 6–7 Setting Printer Fault Recovery

The following example shows how to set up the printer luna to continue printing at the top of the page where printing stopped.

# lpadmin -p luna -F continue