System Administration Guide: Printing

ProcedureHow to Delete a Printer by Using Solaris Print Manager

Use this procedure to remove a printer from service and to remove the printer information from the print server.

For information about how to delete a printer and remove printer access by using LP print commands, see How to Delete a Printer and Remove Printer Access by Using LP Print Commands.

  1. On the print server for the printer that you want to delete, log in as superuser, lp, or assume an equivalent role.

  2. Stop accepting print requests for the printer.

    # reject printer-name
  3. Move any print requests that are still in the print queue to another printer.

    For information about how to move print requests to another printer, see How to Move Print Requests to Another Printer.

  4. Stop the printer.

    For information about how to stop printing, see How to Enable or Disable a Printer.

  5. Start Solaris Print Manager.

    For instructions, see How to Start Solaris Print Manager.

  6. To delete the printer, follow these steps:

    1. From the list of available printers, select the printer that you want to delete.

    2. From the Printer menu, select Delete Printer.

    3. Click OK to save your changes.

  7. Verify that the printer has been deleted:

    # lpstat -p printer-name