System Administration Guide: Printing

Print Client Process Used by the LP Print Service

The following figure illustrates the path of a print request from the time the user initiates the request until the print request is printed.

Figure 1–3 Overview of the Print Client Process

Figure that
shows the print client process in 5 steps. See the following
description of these 5 steps.

  1. A user submits a print request from a print client.

  2. The print command checks a hierarchy of print configuration resources to determine where to send the print request.

  3. The print command sends the print request directly to the appropriate print server. A print server can be any server that accepts Berkley Software Distribution (BSD) printing protocol, including System V Release 4 (SVR4), or LP print servers and BSD LPD-based print servers, as well as servers that accept IPP.

  4. The print server sends the print request to the appropriate printer.

  5. The print request is printed.