System Administration Guide: Printing

Installing and Maintaining Host-Resident Fonts

Some fonts reside on the host system and are transmitted to the printer as needed for particular print requests. As the administrator, you make PostScript fonts available to all users on a system. To do so, you must know how and where to install these fonts. Because fonts are requested by name and stored in files, the LP print service keeps a map file. A map file shows the correspondence between the names of fonts and the names of the files that contain those fonts. Both the map file and the font list must be updated when you install host-resident fonts.

The fonts available for use with PostScript printers are stored in directories that you create. These directories are called /usr/share/lib/hostfontdir/typeface/font. The variable typeface is replaced by a name, such as palatino or helvetica. The variable font is replaced by a an attribute name, such as bold or italic.