System Administration Guide: Printing

LP Print Service Directories

The files of the LP print service are distributed among the directories that are shown in the following table.

Table 12–4 Directories for the LP Print Service




The LP print service user commands. 


A hierarchy of LP server configuration files. 


The terminfo database directory.


The lp conversion scripts, in.lpd daemon, and the printd daemon. The printd daemon transfers all pending jobs in the/var/spool/print directory once per minute. When no jobs are remaining to transfer, the printd daemon exits.


The LP print service administrative commands. 


The lpsched program, binary files, PostScript filters, and the model directory, which contains the standard printer interface program.


LP log files such as lpsched.n (which includes messages from lpsched) and requests.n (which includes information about completed print requests).


The spooling directory where files are queued for printing. 


The staging area for LP print service client-side requests. 


The location of the interface script that process device-uri information.