System Administration Guide: Printing

Check the Printer Type and File Content Type

If you used the wrong printer type when you set up the printer with the LP print service, inappropriate printer control characters can be sent to the printer. The results are unpredictable: nothing might print, the output might be illegible, or the output might be printed in the wrong character set or font.

If you specified an incorrect file content type, the banner page might print, but that is all. The file content types specified for a printer indicate the types of files the printer can print directly, without filtering. When a user sends a file to the printer, the file is sent directly to the printer without any attempt to filter it. The problem occurs if the printer cannot handle the file content type.

When setting up print clients, you increase the chance for a mistake because the file content types must be correct on both the print server and the print client. If you set up the print client as recommended with any as the file content type, files are sent directly to the print server and the print server determines the need for filtering. Therefore, the file content types have to be specified correctly only on the server.

You can specify a file content on the print client to off-load filtering from the server to the client, but the content type must be supported on the print server.