System Administration Guide: Printing

ProcedureHow To Check the Printer Network Connections

  1. Check that the network link between the print server and the print client is set up correctly.

    print-client# ping print-server 
    print-server is alive
    print-server# ping print-client
    print-client not available

    If the message says the system is alive, you know you can reach the system, so the network is all right. The message also tells you that either a naming service or the local /etc/hosts file has translated the host (system) name you entered into an IP address; otherwise, you would need to enter the IP address.

    If you get a not available message, try to answer the following questions: How is NIS or NIS+ set up at your site? Do you need to take additional steps so that print servers and print clients can communicate with one another? If your site is not running NIS, have you entered the IP address for the print server in each print client's /etc/hosts file, and entered all print client IP addresses in the /etc/hosts file of the print server?