Solaris 10 8/07 Installation Guide: Planning for Installation and Upgrade

Booting Into Single-User Mode Causes Mirror to Appear to Need Maintenance

If a system with mirrors for root (/), /usr, and swap is booted into single-user mode, the system indicates that these mirrors are in need of maintenance. When you view these mirrors with the metastat command, these mirrors, and possibly all mirrors on the system, appear in the “Needing Maintenance” state.

Though this situation appears to be potentially dangerous, do not be concerned. The metasync -r command, which normally occurs during boot to resynchronize mirrors, is interrupted when the system is booted into single-user mode. After the system is rebooted, the metasync -r command runs and resynchronizes all mirrors.

If this interruption is a concern, run the metasync -r command manually.

For more information about the metasync, see the metasync(1M) man page, and Solaris Volume Manager Administration Guide.