Solaris 10 8/07 Installation Guide: Planning for Installation and Upgrade

New sysidkdb Tool Prevents Having to Configure Your Keyboard

This feature is new in the following releases:

The sysidkdb tool configures your USB language and its corresponding keyboard layout.

The following procedure occurs:

SPARC: Previously, the USB keyboard assumed a self-identifying value of 1 during the installation. Therefore, all of the keyboards that were not self-identifying always configured for a U.S. English keyboard layout during installation.

Note –

PS/2 keyboards are not self-identifying. You are asked to select the keyboard layout during the installation.

Prevent Prompting When You Use the JumpStart Program

If the keyboard is not self-identifying and you want to prevent being prompted during your JumpStart installation, select the keyboard language in your sysidcfg file. For JumpStart installations, the default is for the U.S. English language. To select another language and its corresponding keyboard layout, set the keyboard keyword in your sysidcfg file.

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