Solaris 10 8/07 Installation Guide: Solaris Live Upgrade and Upgrade Planning

Solaris Live Upgrade Introduction

Solaris Live Upgrade provides a method of upgrading a system while the system continues to operate. While your current boot environment is running, you can duplicate the boot environment, then upgrade the duplicate. Or, rather than upgrading, you can install a Solaris Flash archive on a boot environment. The original system configuration remains fully functional and unaffected by the upgrade or installation of an archive. When you are ready, you can activate the new boot environment by rebooting the system. If a failure occurs, you can quickly revert to the original boot environment with a simple reboot. This switch eliminates the normal downtime of the test and evaluation process.

Solaris Live Upgrade enables you to duplicate a boot environment without affecting the currently running system. You can then do the following:

Some understanding of basic system administration is necessary before using Solaris Live Upgrade. For background information about system administration tasks such as managing file systems, mounting, booting, and managing swap, see the System Administration Guide: Devices and File Systems.