Solaris 10 8/07 Installation Guide: Custom JumpStart and Advanced Installations

cluster Profile Keyword (Adding or Deleting Clusters)

cluster cluster_name add_delete_switch

cluster designates whether a cluster is to be added or deleted from the software group that is to be installed on the system.


The name of the cluster that must be in the form SUNWCname.


An optional keyword that indicates whether to add or delete the cluster that is specified. Use the value add or delete. If you do not specify add or delete, add is used by default.

When you use cluster during an upgrade, the following conditions apply:

Note –

A software group is a metacluster that contains a collection of clusters and packages. The software group is installed by using the cluster keyword and group_name variable. This cluster keyword can only be installed in an initial installation. This cluster keyword refers to metaclusters found in the clustertoc(4) file.

A cluster is collection of packages. Clusters can be grouped together to form a software group (metacluster). A cluster name is always in the form of SUNW<name>. A cluster is installed by using the cluster keyword and cluster_name variable. A cluster can be added or removed from a software group (metacluster) in an initial install or an upgrade.