Oracle Solaris Trusted Extensions Configuration Guide

ProcedureRun the txzonemgr Script

This script steps you through the tasks to properly configure, install, initialize, and boot labeled zones. In the script, you name each zone, associate the name with a label, install the packages to create a virtual OS, and then boot the zone to start services in that zone. The script includes copy zone and clone zone tasks. You can also halt a zone, change the state of a zone, and add zone-specific network interfaces.

This script presents a dynamically-determined menu that displays only valid choices for the current circumstances. For instance, if the status of a zone is configured, the Install zone menu item is not displayed. Tasks that are completed do not display in the list.

Before You Begin

You are superuser.

If you plan to clone zones, you have completed the preparation for cloning zones. If you plan to use your own security templates, you have created the templates.

  1. Open a terminal window in the global zone.

  2. Run the txzonemgr script.

    # /usr/sbin/txzonemgr

    The script opens the Labeled Zone Manager dialog box. This zenity dialog box prompts you for the appropriate tasks, depending on the current state of your installation.

    To perform a task, you select the menu item, then press the Return key or click OK. When you are prompted for text, type the text then press the Return key or click OK.

    Tip –

    To view the current state of zone completion, click Return to Main Menu in the Labeled Zone Manager.