Oracle Solaris Trusted Extensions Configuration Guide

ProcedureUse a Remote Solaris Management Console to Administer in the Files Scope

If you are not using LDAP, and you want to use the Solaris Management Console on a remote system, you enable remote connection to the Console. This procedure is not sufficient to enable access for the LDAP scope.

To enable access for the LDAP scope, you must complete all the procedures in Configuring the Solaris Management Console for LDAP (Task Map).

Before You Begin

Both systems are labeled systems.

You have completed the following procedures:

  1. Complete Enable the Solaris Management Console to Accept Network Communications.

  2. On the desktop system, become a user that is defined identically on both systems.

  3. On the desktop system, assume the role that is defined identically on both systems.

  4. On the desktop system, start the Solaris Management Console.

    # /usr/sbin/smc &
  5. In the Server dialog box, type the name of the headless system.

    Then, choose the Scope=Files toolbox.

    This Computer (remote-system: Scope=Files, Policy=TSOL)