Oracle Solaris Trusted Extensions Configuration Guide

ProcedureRegister LDAP Credentials With the Solaris Management Console

Before You Begin

You must be the root user on an LDAP server that is running Trusted Extensions. The server can be a proxy server.

Your Sun Java System Directory Server must be configured. You have completed one of the following configurations:

  1. Register the LDAP administrative credentials.

    LDAP-Server # /usr/sadm/bin/dtsetup storeCred
    Administrator DN:Type the value for cn on your system
    Password:Type the Directory Manager password
    Password (confirm):Retype the password
  2. List the scopes on the Directory Server.

    LDAP-Server # /usr/sadm/bin/dtsetup scopes
    Getting list of manageable scopes...
    Scope 1 file:Displays name of file scope
    Scope 2 ldap:Displays name of ldap scope

    Your LDAP server setup determines the scopes that are listed. The LDAP scope is not listed until the LDAP toolbox is edited. The toolbox cannot be edited until after the server is registered.

Example 5–1 Registering LDAP Credentials

In this example, the name of the LDAP server is LDAP1 and the value for cn is the default, Directory Manager.

# /usr/sadm/bin/dtsetup storeCred
Administrator DN:cn=Directory Manager
Password (confirm):abcde1;!
# /usr/sadm/bin/dtsetup scopes
Getting list of manageable scopes...
Scope 1 file:/LDAP1/LDAP1
Scope 2 ldap:/LDAP1/cd=LDAP1,dc=example-domain,dc=com