Solaris 10 5/08 Installation Guide: Planning for Installation and Upgrade

Revising Security Settings After Installation

With the restricted network security feature, all of the affected services are controlled by the Service Management Framework (SMF). Any individual network service can be enabled after an initial installation by using the svcadm and svccfg commands.

The restricted network access is achieved by invoking the netservices command from the SMF upgrade file found in /var/svc/profile. The netservices command can be used to switch the service startup behavior.

To disable network services manually, run the following command:

# netservices limited

This command can be used on upgraded systems, where no changes are made by default. This command can also be used to re-establish the restricted state after enabling individual services.

Similarly, default services can be enabled as they were in previous Solaris releases by running the following command:

# netservices open

For further information about revising security settings, see How to Create an SMF Profile in System Administration Guide: Basic Administration. See also the following man pages.