Solaris 10 5/08 Installation Guide: Planning for Installation and Upgrade

Where to Find Planning and System Requirement Information

The Solaris 10 5/08 Installation Guide: Planning for Installation and Upgrade provides system requirements and high-level planning information, such as planning guidelines for file systems, and upgrade planning and much more. The following list describes the chapters in the planning book and provides links to those chapters.

Chapter Descriptions 


This chapter describes new features in the Solaris installation programs. 

Chapter 2, What's New in Solaris Installation

This chapter provides you with information about decisions you need to make before you install or upgrade the Solaris OS. Examples are deciding when to use a network installation image or DVD media and descriptions of all the Solaris installation programs. 

Chapter 3, Solaris Installation and Upgrade (Roadmap)

This chapter describes system requirements to install or upgrade to the Solaris OS. General guidelines for planning the disk space and default swap space allocation are also provided. Upgrade limitations are also described. 

Chapter 4, System Requirements, Guidelines, and Upgrade (Planning)

This chapter contains checklists to help you gather all of the information that you need to install or upgrade your system. This information is useful, for example, if you are performing an interactive installation. You'll have all the information in the checklist that you'll need to do an interactive installation. 

Chapter 5, Gathering Information Before Installation or Upgrade (Planning)

These chapters provide overviews of several technologies that relate to a Solaris OS installation or upgrade. Guidelines and requirements related to these technologies are also included. These chapters include information about GRUB based booting, Solaris Zones partitioning technology, and RAID-1 volumes that can be created at installation. 

Part II, Understanding Installations That Relate to GRUB, Solaris Zones, and RAID-1 Volumes