Solaris 10 10/08 Installation Guide: Solaris Live Upgrade and Upgrade Planning

Creating a Boot Environment From a Source Other Than the Currently Running System

If you have an existing ZFS root pool or UFS boot environment that is not currently used as the active boot environment, you can use the following example to create a new ZFS boot environment from this boot environment. After the new ZFS boot environment is created, this new boot environment can be upgraded and activated at your convenience.

If you are creating a boot environment from a source other than the currently running system, you must use the lucreate command with the -s option. The -s option works the same as for a UFS file system. The -s option provides the path to the alternate root (/) file system. This alternate root (/) file system is the source for the creation of the new ZFS root pool. The alternate root can be either a UFS (/) root file system or a ZFS root pool. The copy process might take time, depending on your system.

The following example shows how the -s option is used when creating a boot environment on another ZFS root pool.

Example 13–4 How to Create a Boot Environment From a Source Other Than the Currently Running System

The following command creates a new ZFS root pool from an existing ZFS root pool. The -n option assigns the name to the boot environment to be created, new-zfsBE. The -s option specifies the boot environment, rpool3, to be used as the source of the copy instead of the currently running boot environment. The -p option specifies to place the new boot environment in rpool2.

# lucreate -n new-zfsBE -s rpool3 -p rpool2
# lustatus
boot environment   Is        Active  Active     Can	    Copy 
Name               Complete  Now	 OnReboot   Delete	 Status 
zfsBE               yes      yes     yes        no         - 
zfsBE2              yes      no      no         yes        -
zfsBE3              yes      no      no         yes        -
new-zfsBE           yes      no      no         yes        -

# zfs list
NAME                            USED    AVAIL   REFER   MOUNTPOINT 
rpool2                         9.29G    57.6G     20K   /rpool2 
rpool2/ROOT/                   5.38G    57.6G     18K   /rpool2/ROOT 
rpool2/ROOT/new-zfsBE          5.38G    57.6G    551M   /tmp/.new.luupdall.109859
rpool2/dump                    3.99G        -   3.99G   - 
rpool2/swap                    3.99G        -   3.99G   - 
rpool3                         9.29G    57.6G     20K   /rpool2 
rpool3/ROOT/                   5.38G    57.6G     18K   /rpool2/ROOT 
rpool3/ROOT/zfsBE3             5.38G    57.6G   551M    /tmp/.new.luupdall.109859
rpool3/dump                    3.99G        -   3.99G   - 
rpool3/swap                    3.99G        -   3.99G   - 
prool                          9.29G    57.6G     20K   /
rpool/ROOT                     5.46G    57.6G     18K   legacy
rpool/ROOT/zfsBE               5.46G    57.6G   551M  
rpool/dump                     3.99G        -   3.99G   - 
rpool/swap                     3.99G        -   3.99G   -

You can now upgrade and activate the new boot environment.