Solaris 10 10/08 Installation Guide: Custom JumpStart and Advanced Installations

Creating Begin Scripts

A begin script is a user-defined Bourne shell script that you specify in the rules file. A begin script performs tasks before the Solaris software is installed on a system. You can use begin scripts only when using custom JumpStart to install the Solaris software.

Use a begin script to perform one of the following tasks:

Important Information About Begin Scripts

Note –

For the Solaris 10 release, a sample JumpStart script, set_nfs4_domain, was provided on media to prevent being prompted during a JumpStart installation. This script suppressed the NFSv4 prompt during installation. This script is no longer required. Starting with the Solaris 10 10/08release, use the sysidcfg keyword, nfs4_domain that suppresses being prompted. The set_nfs4_domain script no longer works to suppress a prompt.

If you have non-global zones installed and the new nfs4_domain keyword exists in the sysidcfg file, the first boot of a non-global zone sets the domain. Otherwise, the Solaris interactive installation program comes up and you are prompted to provide a domain name before the boot process completes.

See nfs4_domain Keyword in Solaris 10 10/08 Installation Guide: Network-Based Installations

Creating Derived Profiles With a Begin Script

A derived profile is a profile that is dynamically created by a begin script during a custom JumpStart installation. Derived profiles are needed when you cannot set up the rules file to match specific systems to a profile. For example, you might need to use derived profiles for identical system models that have different hardware components, such as systems that contain different frame buffers.

To set up a rule to use a derived profile, you must perform the following tasks:

When a system matches a rule with the profile field equal to an equal sign (=), the begin script creates the derived profile that is used to install the Solaris software on the system.

The following is an example of a begin script that creates the same derived profile every time. You can write a begin script to create different derived profiles that depend on the evaluation of rules.

Example 4–1 Begin Script That Creates a Derived Profile

echo "install_type        initial_install"    > ${SI_PROFILE}
echo "system_type         standalone"        >> ${SI_PROFILE}
echo "partitioning        default"           >> ${SI_PROFILE}
echo "cluster             SUNWCprog"         >> ${SI_PROFILE}
echo "package       SUNWman     delete"      >> ${SI_PROFILE}
echo "package       SUNWolman   delete"      >> ${SI_PROFILE}
echo "package       SUNWxwman   delete"      >> ${SI_PROFILE}

In the example, the begin script must use the SI_PROFILE environment variable for the name of the derived profile, which is set to /tmp/install.input by default.

Note –

If a begin script is used to create a derived profile, ensure the script does not have any errors. A derived profile is not verified by the check script because derived profiles are not created until the execution of the begin script.